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 GFX Battles Rules

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GFX Battles Rules Empty
PostSubject: GFX Battles Rules   GFX Battles Rules EmptyThu Jun 18, 2009 3:36 am

GFX Battles is a place where desginers can lay back and battle it out to see who has the best signature/logo. GFX battles taking place must use this form to be voted on.

Type of GFX being created:
Theme of the GFX being created:
Amount of time to create GFX:
Allow Renders: (IF yes specify how many)
Allow C4D's: (IF yes specify how many)
First to 5 Votes wins the battle.
Whoever makes the thread, please be sure you add a poll saying each designers name. Be clear with who's design is who's so people vote for the right one.

*****To vote, you must have a post count of atleast 10. However if you vote please specify why you voted how you did. Goodluck to all designers and have fun.
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GFX Battles Rules
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