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 luv for you to sponsor us

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Sponsored Team
Sponsored Team

Posts : 16
Join date : 2009-06-16
Age : 36

PostSubject: luv for you to sponsor us   Sat Jun 20, 2009 1:06 pm


Team Name:[S]EX [A]ND [V]IOLENCE


Regular or Hardcore (Call of Duty Teams):HARDCORE

Team Rank:9TH, should be higher in a day or two

Team Record:28-8 couple forfeits we shouldn't have though

Team Leader:NBK-sKuNkBoMb thats me

Member Count:10 right now will be 8 next season

Team Experience:fairly new but we will not be disbanding next season will be gbing the whole season, my gb rank is 26,000

What Can You Do For Clutch gFx (What Do You Have To Offer):we have excelent search and destroy and tdm players, we are getting great team chemistry down now we except to be top 5 next season

What Do You Expect From Us:dunno, logos are always cool, i never expect too much really

Do You Agree To Follow The Code of Conduct:ALWAYS

How Often Does Your Team Play:everyday usually

Are You Willing To Change Name:i would prefer not to really we like it

Whats An AIM Screename You Can Be Reached At:agentsof51 is AIM,, or skunkbomb at gamebattles


We will post you as our team website and team blast for sure, i want you guys to sponsor us cuz i like your work alot here and prefer you over somebody else
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Posts : 67
Join date : 2009-06-15
Age : 28

PostSubject: Re: luv for you to sponsor us   Sat Jun 20, 2009 2:02 pm


Please have all your team members join my site and send me a message with their usernames. thank you. also please send me your team code

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luv for you to sponsor us
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