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PostSubject: sponsorship   sponsorship EmptyWed Jun 24, 2009 4:43 am

by the way when you look at my profile it says 19th eu ladder which is correct but win percentage of .733 wilchange due to the fact that i have got a disputed game that i won.

Do you have AIM? If so what is it?: to win playoffs

How old are you?:15

Why are you interested in Clutch Graphics and BringIt?:because i like the designs and also want a sponsorship for my gaming career

What do you expect from Clutch graphics and BringIt?:i would expect maybe some gamebattkes credits maybebut definetly a logo

What separates your team from the rest?:i have a great personality also do not get stressed out with game or players

Do you have previous clan experience and if so who and how long?:i have played in alot of teams on gamebattkes my bbest sio far is my singles which i am on a 16-4

Do you have any previous tournament or event experience?:no but that is why i want sponsorship to boost my confidence to play more and get into tournaments

Do you have a mic (communication)? What kind?:turtle beach x1 getting astros soon

Do you get along with others?:yes

How often do you play, what days and times?:every day from 5:30 in the afternoon till 10:30 at night and on weekends i play from 10:00 in morning till 10: night

Are you registered on GameBattles? If so just provide a team link instead of "Yes".

Will you be devoted to playing Clan Matches in hopes to making it into the Playoffs?: yes i will

Will your team be active on the Clutch gFx forums?:yes

Have you read and do you understand the Clutch graphics and BringIt Code of Conduct?:yes
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